A Student Teacher’s Valentine’s Day and “Same Love”

Happy Valentine’s Day, everybody =)

This year’s post has a different tone than last year’s, and I had a few requests from friends to repost the humorous Valentine’s Day post from last year, so here is the link :

My (Awesome) View on Valentine’s Day <3


Today was a unique Valentine’s Day for me, spent in school with all of Ms. C and my students!!  I was welcomed by one of my students with a nice big, warm tea, got handed fistfuls of conversation hearts, was given some Russel Stover chocolates, Skittles, Starburst, lollipops, and about a million hugs.  As the students took a quick quiz at the beginning of class, I passed out the valentines I had wrote for each one of them, and they absolutely loved them.  It took some time to write a personal message in them all, but my students definitely appreciated that I had something different to say to each of them, even if it was as simple as “I enjoy having you in class” or “You make me laugh every day.”


Stack of 97 valentines I wrote for my 8th graders :)

For my more outgoing students, I was able to mention a conversation or a joke we shared, and for the students I haven’t been able to get to know as well, I mentioned that I was looking forward to spending more time with them during the semester.  I watched as many faces as I could while they were reading my cards, and the reactions I saw were absolutely priceless.  It’s so important for the students to feel as if they’re wanted and valued both in and out of the classroom.  I’m so lucky to have grown up with loving family and friends who always looked out for me, and Renaissance’s community as a school definitely works to provide this support system for all of its students, so I wanted to make sure that my students knew I cared about them too, even though I’m not necessarily a permanent fixture…  The heartfelt thank yous and hugs I got for my cards were well worth the effort, and I’m happy to have put some smiles on the faces of my students whether they got 30 other valentines or that was their only one.

One of the many highlights of my day included a very shy student asking if I would be back at Renaissance next year, as he said: “I’m already gonna miss you, Ms. B.” *tear*  And from one of my more lovably sassy students who brought me some chocolate, “Do you have a boyfriend?”  “Nope.”  “So that means you have to buy your own candy tonight?”  He was playfully looking for a rise out of me, and I could NOT keep a straight face on that one!  Laughing, I explained that I often buy my candy myself, but that I am still very loved even though I don’t have a boyfriend.  It was a funny moment.  On another student’s card I wrote that she always gives me the best, happiest “hello”s, so she used every chance she got to say one of her typically excited greetings.  I would come back to my desk periodically and find my conversation hearts rearranged in different shapes: hearts or stars or my initials!  Though parts of today were more silly than normal, classes were still productive, and my bonds with my students were strengthened over little notes I wrote them.  Sometimes the little things make the biggest positive changes in students, whether it’s their behavior in class or motivation to do well.  I’m totally game to put in the extra effort to make better relationships with my students.  They’re the game changers.  :)

For any Grumpy Cat fans:



My latest music interest is Macklemore and Ryan Lewis. Last fall, their performance of the song “Same Love” got a lot of popularity on the Ellen show. Don’t be turned off because it’s hip-hop. It’s actually social justice poetry. Listen and love it. It’s totally fitting for Valentine’s Day especially, as all humans deserve the right to love who they choose.  Please take a look and listen at the music video below!

I love this song so much that I’ve even provided a link to the lyrics. Click here and let the words soak in: “it’s human rights for everybody / there is no difference / live on and be yourself”. Play it again. Share it.

And what would a classic holiday post be without some funny ecards? TheVine also put together a pretty solid collection of funny Valentine’s Day memes, so click here!


I sincerely hope that everybody had a nice Valentine’s Day!!!

Roses and chocolate or not, you are loved.

And if you’re lookin for some extra cute kids, watch this :)


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