Snow Days of February!

For many of New England public school teachers and students, we’re on to day #4 of the weekend of Nemo’s storm, and sadly I didn’t even watch Finding Nemo with all my new-found free time.  However, somebody else did channel their creative energies appropriately:

Take a look at this super short YouTube gem making fun of how New Englanders react to impending snow storms from Vic Dibitetto :)


Senior students here at SC spent all day Sunday trying to rescue our cars from the Townhouse parking lot, passing around a mere handful of shovels.  Luckily, my guy roommates are hockey fanatics and had a good shovel they’d used when skating on the Massasoit.  After getting Kristie’s big Jeep out in a matter of minutes, one roommate dug out the snow that blocked Rhonda in, while I scooped snow on the sides that was up to the door handles down to underneath the car.  I only stalled 14 times while finally attempting to get out of the spot, and it only took a 20-point turn to back into the parking space again!  Over an hour later, it was a total success!

The “before” and “after” :)

Later that night as I walked back from work in the Writing Center (where obviously the line was out the door with students who wanted help on papers………), I was shocked to find that the Jeep parked next to me had kindly displaced the snow that blocked them in right behind Rhonda.  I grabbed the shovel, and 15 minutes later, the green beast was freed again..

There are currently huge mounds of snow all over the parking lot, and the parking lot had a lot of scenes like this yesterday:

I know that it’s bad karma to chuckle at those slip and slides, but come on!!!

Hope everybody without power gets it back soon, and that there are as few accidents as possible.  I can’t wait to get to the grocery store this afternoon; my meals of soup and crackers this weekend just aren’t cutting it!  Stay warm :)



2 thoughts on “Snow Days of February!

  1. We are totally fogged in today – so thanks for the laughs:) A pox on whoever dumped the snow behind Rhonda! Too bad there isn’t a video of you trying to get out of the spot!!!

    XO Nana

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