The Night Before Student Teaching

Tomorrow is my official last first day of my undergrad. career, and I’ll spend it immersed in the wonderful experience I’m about to embark on for my teaching Practicum!

Today, all Prac. students had a big meeting with our Ed. Prep. Department who laid out all the expectations and requirements of our semester.  They gave us helpful guidance and procedure tips to make our semester the best possible and to help us grow to be extraordinary teachers.  There was a bunch of veteran teachers and supervisors there to give us advice about anything we wanted, and they were certainly a great resource I took advantage of.  I can’t believe this has come up so soon, but at the same time it feels like I’ve been waiting for forever!!

My cooperating teacher seems like such a wonderful person, the school environment seems phenomenal, and I have been lucky enough to be assigned with the greatest supervisor I could dream of.  I’m surrounded by friends and professors here at SC who are supportive and just as excited for this part of my journey as I am.  I know I have friends and family rooting for me back home, and most importantly after last semester, I’m finally believing in myself that I can really do this.  I’m ready to put my entire heart into the career I know I’m meant to be in and be the best teacher possible for all my future students.

At the end of the school day and school year, I want to be able to reflect on the differences I have helped make in my students and my school.  I want students to trust me with their education and also with their questions, thoughts, and curiosities, their problems and successes.  I want to be a teacher who is in touch with their students, their interests, their needs.  Teachers have the wonderful opportunity of making a real difference in the lives of their students every single day of every year.  And while we know that not all teachers are extraordinary, that not all teachers take advantage of the opportunity to be a part of the positive growth of their students, I don’t want to let one day go to waste.

I can’t imagine another profession that makes an impact quite like teaching does.  I want to be a teacher who is reflective, positive, open, realistic, encouraging, fair, smart, responsible, funny, organized, motivating, creative, flexible, and helpful.  I think these qualities are possible for me.  I can’t say that I remember all the homework assigned or vocabulary definitions learned from my past teachers who I would consider my greatest, but I do remember that they cared about me, had high expectations of me.  They were funny and fair.  These qualities will go hand in hand with the skills and content I will teach to make my classroom a place of engaged and meaningful learning.  I know I may not be extraordinary at the beginning, but the challenges I face won’t even come close to stopping me working hard and wanting my students to work hard.

I will also be a teacher who reflects.  Dr. Z. and I will journal daily to each other on my process, and I couldn’t be more excited.  I have so much to learn from him along with working with my cooperating teacher, and I trust both of them with all the challenges I will face, knowing that they’ll be sources of guidance who will also celebrate in my successes.

Here’s to an exciting, challenging, and rewarding last semester  and here’s to extraordinary :)



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