Thanks for the Long Weekend, Columbus!

Columbus landed in America (supposedly) at a great time in the semester.  Right as I was beginning to get a bit overwhelmed, the highly anticipated three-day-weekend was finally the next page in my planner.  Friday afternoon, Kristie, my housemate and best friend since freshman year, had her White Coat Ceremony for her PA (Physician’s Assistant Program).  This basically means she can start actually seeing patients in her internship rotations.  Yay!


I also made it home for my mom’s birthday (although a bit late, oopsie!).  I’ve been posting this picture everywhere this weekend, because it’s just so freakin cute.  :)  Happy birthday Mommy!!


On Saturday, Dad, Shan, and I also continued our tradition of a fall football game at the Yale Bowl, one of my personal favorite places.  Paint peels off the rigid wooden bleachers in navy flakes and the announcer’s voice booms out at uncomfortably high volumes.  We get to snack and play catch out in the parking lot, and walk all over the field after the game.  It was a teeny crowd and Yale got crushed, but it was a gorgeous day and lots of fun, nonetheless!

I also got to see my sister pitch and get a couple sweet hits at her softball games Sunday morning!  A short, but happy weekend home.  After getting back to school yesterday afternoon, I locked myself up to get work done for this upcoming week, so as a reward, I took the early part of today off :)  My friends and went pumpkin picking at Pell Farm!  So much fresh air this weekend, I loved it!!!  We did the hay maze, corn maze, hay ride, saw the goats and pigs and mini horses (cue me sprinting away in terror from a 3-foot high shaggy-maned animal), and picked out baby pumpkins and a big one to carve for our house.

I love these things. Meow.

Photo credit to Kris

Happy Fall!!


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