Hola! For those of you not my friend on Facebook, here are a couple of easy links to my iPhone albums day 1 and day 2.  I’ve also been taking pictures with Bruce’s HD digital camera: HD album, so you can creep all the pics that I’ve put up! Those of you who are on Facebook, check out and “like” The Visionaries home page— they’re pretty cool people :) This post is bombarded with pictures. I just want you all to actually SEE how beautiful this place is!

So far this trip, 3:40 a.m. is the go-to wake-up time! When there’s something exciting going on, I’m definitely a happy morning person. And you’ll probably agree a full day of filming at U of Zamorano is something to look forward to =) However, over the past two nights, only nine hours of sleep is bound to catch up with me sooner or later! I’m pretending that it’s going to be later– gotta keep on with my “mind over matter” mantra. Anyways, everybody in our lovely little guest house was up a full two hours before the Honduran sunrise. Swift showers all around followed by brewing coffee (none for me, thanks) and snacking on toast with Mango jam! We clambered into our personal bus/taxi with loads of gear and drove to the other side of campus to the cows. I’m really not a fan of these big animals and their moo-ing and pooping glory (although I love a good glass of freezing skim milk), but here’s some pics from our “fragrant” morning. I’d also appreciate a loud round of virtual applause for not wiping out in the muck.

Once finished with the cows, we went out to the road for some bike shots. Here’s me being all film-tastic and getting in on the action:

We headed over to where some students were “learning by doing” (one of Zamorano’s four pillars of learning) in the field. Each student gets a plot of land to grow whatever they choose. After taking care of the plants through the season, they are free to sell their harvest! How awesome!

Gorgeous landscape on campus

I love this campus.

After being up for 4 hours already, by 7:30 it was time for breakfast round two, catered by one of the cafeterias on campus: eggs, cheese, bacon-ish, beans, tortilla, fried platanos. Yum!

We then interviewed the president of this university! A cool picture from the shoot is currently unavailable, but will be at some point. My job during the interview was to keep the mesh light reflector from blowing in the wind and messing up the lighting angles. I’m sort of acting as the helper to the Visionaries crew, doing whatever they need, and I couldn’t be happier.

We spent the afternoon traveling by Jeep up the nearby Uyuca Mountain, a biological reserve, to get shots of scenery, learn about forestry expeditions students do, and interview some people who live on the mountain. In the interview with our guide from Colorado who is a passionate associate professor at Zamorano and has traveled extensively, I learned a lot about the work students do. In certain classes, they collect data from plants, while others helped rebuilt the forest after bugs attacked certain trees. I know that sounds simple, but he explained it so impressively– it’s just neat that students are physically active in nature and the community around their school (buzz word?: cloud forest).



Finally a picture of the crew =) !
Right to left: Bruce (Visionaries camera), Jody (Visionaries producer), me (production assistant), Lit (Visionaries audio), Mary Ellen (US Zamorano rep.)

We’ve been doing interviews for the documentary with a male senior student from Ecuador, and a female student from Guatemala.  Both of them are so friendly, like all the students on campus :)  And, yes, we’re obviously new Facebook friends!  Everyone appreciates the little Spanish that I know, but I’m enjoying being able to listen and follow along.

Seeing and learning about all the students at Zamorano, both Honduran and international is such an amazing experience.  Their college education is so different than mine; I’m both jealous and fortunate.  More reflections to come… For now, a bit of sleep!


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