In Honduras Day #1

Ahh, hello Honduras!!  =)  Can you believe it!?  Jody, Lit and Bruce (two Visionaries crew members), Mary Ellen (a US Zamorano rep.) and I had a heck of a travel day, but my excitement is through the roof; I’m just so happy to be here in the middle of the filming action experiencing it all!

Classic plane shot

Picture on campus!

Here’s some background info: Jody and I drove from Springfield to Boston yesterday evening.  After dinner, we caught a short but sweet 5.5 hours of sleep.  Aside from the fact that rain started showering in through a gap between the hotel wall and our room’s window, pounding onto the tin radiator in the middle of the night, we had no problems (lol but seriously).  Today, we were up at 3:40 a.m., at the airport at 5 after minor route recalculations, boarded by 6:30, and finally took off around 8:15.  This 1.5-hour delay cut our time a bit close for our connection from Miami to Tegucigalpa, the capital of Honduras, but with a bit of hustle, we made it in plenty of time.  With the two-hour time difference, we landed at about 12:40 p.m. and were taken care of through customs by Zamorano representatives, which put us all at ease.  A 40-minute bus/taxi ride through different sections of the city brought us out into more country to the University of Zamorano.

This is my first time visiting Central America, and first time in any developing country.  It was an experience driving through poverty on the outskirts of the capital city, while beautiful mountains of trees surrounded our dark green VW minivan.  Pepsi, Burger King, Dunkin Donuts, and 7UP signs were cardboard blurs as we wove in and out of some tight traffic.  Small children ran barefoot on gravely roads carrying fruit, probably to their family’s roadside stand.  Sounds of Spanish permeated the air we breathed as we drove to our destination, the University of Zamorano…

Our first look at an outdoor “Learning-by-Doing” classroom

Once on campus, we had a late lunch and went out touring and exploring campus.  I’m not exaggerating one bit when I’m telling you this campus is absolutely beautiful.  What we’ve seen so far consists of mostly one- or two-story buildings of very pretty stone with really nice dark woodwork.  The campus’s caretakers look after their lawn, flowers, etc. just like ours at Springfield.  They also abide by the unspoken “don’t cut corners or walk on the grass” rule that we do.

“Teach the youth of today, so we can feed the world of tomorrow” (or something to that degree)! Love it!!!

It looks as if our schedule for the rest of our time here is jam-packed!!  I’m so excited for what lies ahead :)  Here’s a shot of the sky we enjoyed tonite:

Thanks again to everybody following!!  More news and updates to come =)


6 thoughts on “In Honduras Day #1

  1. Some wonderfully concrete language, Katie! I can picture it all vividly. I’m so glad to hear you all arrived safely and spared no time to jump into adventure.

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