Honduras Here We Come!

Last post I casually mentioned that I’m going to Honduras this week!  Yup, no joke.  Here’s a little background info:

  • One weekend in July, Erin and I were at the Outdoor Nation conference in Boston, when I received a message from my past professor Jody Santos.  I’d taken a Social Justice Documentary course with her as a sophomore in spring of 2011.  Working with my film partner, Josh Ernst, we created a pretty polished 30 minute movie about The Gray House, an awesome non-profit after-school program for kids in the city of Springfield (to learn more, click here).  Jody and I got along great throughout the successful semester and have stayed in touch on campus ever since.
  • Apparently, her film crew for PBS’s documentary series The Visionaries was in need of an organized production assistant, and somehow my name got thrown into the mix.  I said yes!  The documentary is focusing on the private international university in Honduras called Zamorano.  Zamorano is an agricultural university with four main programs of study: science and production, food science and technology, agribusiness management, and environmental sciences.
  • Their entire faculty, staff, and student populations live on campus, which probably makes for an interesting campus community.  I look forward to talking with and learning more about the school from some of the university students and staff.
  • I don’t know exactly what to expect on this adventure, but I’m indescribably excited to meet and work with Jody and the film crew, along with all the people on Zamorano’s campus!  Here’s to a once-in-a-lifetime learning opportunity in the next 5 days =)

  • Thank you to everybody on campus and at home who are my support system!  I’m so grateful to have an awesome family and a circle of lovely, smart, and flexible friends and professors at Springfield College,  who are just as excited for me as I am, and who wish me an enjoyable, successful trip and learning experience.  The pep talks, well wishes, advice, and laughs mean more than I sometimes show, but they are priceless to me.
  • FYI, we should have WiFi at our accommodations, so I’m aiming to post once we’re settled :)  I’m excited to share my experiences with all of you!
  • Are you on Twitter?  Follow me at my new name, @kbarsevich  (updates are also on the right sidebar).

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