BACKpack in Action

A morning breeze waltzes through the open window, rustling a pile of papers, articles, and memos strewn on the desk.  The perfectly organized day planner lies open, pages fluttering.  Neon Post-It note lists of varying length and category cling for extra surface area to write on.  Desk drawers are filled with a laptop, heaps of scrapbook paper, textbooks, fun books, folders, and binders.  The room’s white concrete walls are now decorated with shining purple Christmas lights, pictures of friends, family, and travels, along with cheap wall stickers.  What parts of the floor not being used for furniture or the fuzzy rug hold shoes, more books, and a well-worn backpack.  The inhabitant has fallen asleep, nose and cheek pressed against her current read.

It seems we’ve caught the college creature in her natural habitat.  It was a late night, and as warm sun sneaks through the blinds, it’s about to be an early morning!

Although my days have been longer and more filled and challenging than almost ever, I’m thrilled to be back and starting my senior year (*gasp, choke, faint, recover*) at Springfield College.  Here’s a preview to this semester:

In addition to taking two English courses as electives with my favorite professors, I’ll be spending 80 hours teaching in a middle school, and 80 hours in a high school.  I’m taking a Teaching Methods course with the most fantastic education professor, and a teaching seminar as well.  Also, I am getting credit for rock climbing in our Wellness Center.  I have become the Copy Editor for our college’s newspaper, the Springfield Studentand have become the Editor-in-Chief of our school’s literary magazine, the Alden Street Review.  I’m back at the Academic Success Center, tutoring mainly writing and grammar, but have resigned from the Print Shop after three years.  I’ll be working with the Career Center Student Advisory Board again, will participate in our English and Education Honor Societies, and Education Club.  If you’re like me, this all sounds like a ton of fun.  If not, I’m sure we’ll still get along =)

Also, next week I’m going to Honduras!  More on that soon!


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