Where Has the Time Gone? — End of Summer Stuff!

With a couple birthdays, a road trip, and a couple great dinners, my last week of summer was pretty fun =) Here’s a summary!

Here’s the card I made for Dad, featuring our beach chairs from our March trip to Florida.20120901-201242.jpg

This is Nana’s card :)


Mom had the idea to take Nana out to a really nice Italian restaurant called Cava (it’s in Southington, CT and very highly recommended by us all!). Let’s just say the decor and food quality were a step or two higher than what I remember of my dining hall at school. There’s nothing like sitting in a fancy restaurant and feeling like a bull in a China shop, as the saying goes. We were laughing so hard at random that the fact that we were so loud made our smiles crack wider and the laughs last longer.


Chocolate mousse cake for dessert! You don’t have to say, type, or think it, I know you’re jealous ;)

Last Sunday, Mom, Mike, Shan, and I drove to Newport, Rhode Island for the day! I had never been there, but I’d heard the mansions and water are beautiful, which they were! We took audio tours inside four of the famous mansions: The Rosecliff, The Breakers, The Elms, and The Marble House. The audio tours were really detailed and informational, which is great for the nerdy interest I have in these wealthy, abandoned, preserved summer homes from the Guilded Age. My favorite was decidedly The Breakers, from its 22 karat gold guilded ball room, to the woman of the house’s delicate lilac bedroom. They’re all really just magnificent, beautiful, and sadly too extravagant. Unfortunately, for the sake of preservation, tourists are unable to take pictures inside =( However, here’s a couple quick looks at some of the grounds of the sites we visited, and I encourage anyone with an attention span to take a trip in nice weather!




As Mom can attest, I was freaking out over the glassed collections of books from Oscar Wilde to Shakespeare….


Also, this one time, I went flower shopping with Mom. I saw a pretty flower, so here is a picture of it. =)


Dad had the brilliant idea to spend our last Friday night of summer waiting hours in line for the best pizza in the world. This is not an exaggeration, and this topic is not up for debate or discussion, sorry. To anyone that has not been introduced to Sally’s Apizza, established in 1938 on Wooster Street in New Haven, CT, I’m sorry to tell you that you truly haven’t tasted a real piece of pizza yet in your life. I’m serious friends, this stuff is the real deal. Check it out, if you don’t believe me. But bring a funny friend, or a book, or something, because you are at the mercy of the line if you’re caught in it. But I promise it’s worth it.


Also, while you’re there, take a walk down half a block and stop into Libby’s. Great canolis and Italian ice =)

Well, this summer just flew right by, didn’t it? Dad is helping me move back to Springfield tomorrow– so excited!


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