Where Has the Time Gone? — Birthday!

Wow. Okay, so summer is over? I officially slacked on publicly posting throughout August. However, I’m not too worried, because while it looks as if I’ve done no writing, I’ve been secretly typing away on my phone, eagerly awaiting the arrival of my gorgeous new laptop to proofread. And here we are!

I last left off with the cliffhanger of my 21st birthday! The day after getting back from the Cape, Erin and I ventured up to Boston for the Red Sox/Yankees game! On the way to the T, our soulful singing voices competed over the wind of the windows rolled down and the harmony of my killer song playlist, excited for a fun, summery night ahead.

Question: Is there anything better than a grease-dripping hotdog wrapped in wax paper and sold from the back of a cart, washed down with a ballpark beer? Answer: My arteries advised some carrots, but my taste buds voted for the former. Guess who won? We had a great time cheering on our respective teams from out in right field (me a little more quietly, since Yankees fans aren’t exactly welcomed with open arms into Fenway).

Serendipitously, we also happened to be at the same MLB game as some of my Springfield College friends! To further the coincidence that I’m often accustomed to, we were even seated in the same part of the field as them… in the same section… in the same ROW! Crazy, right?! Shout-out to Erin, Frank, and Katherine for making my jaw smack the concrete floor of the bleachers when I turned to my right and locked eyes with you guys a mere ten feet away! As the game wore on and fans exited, Erin and I creeped our way up closer to the action, eventually landing seats right on the right field wall. Luckily for the mood of the crowd, the Red Sox won. A friendly security guard even scooped us a cup full of the warning track dirt as a unique, yet semi-pointless souvenir.

About an hour later, I officially turned 21 at the Uno’s bar down the street, awkwardly accepting drinks from kind strangers swaying around me who were more excited for the occasion than I was. It was only when Erin and I were seated on the last T back to our stop that we realized WE FORGOT THE FENWAY DIRT at the bar! =(

The next day, Mom had her side of our family over our house, what’s local of us anyways. We decided to make a substitution to the over-done picnic menu of hamburgers and hotdogs and kept it classy with some KFC. (Mom had her best Southern hick accent on all day. Offensive? Maybe. (Sorry.)) Highlights of the day included a surprise red velvet birthday cake (via Mom), swimming with my cousins, my littlest 8 month old cousin Norah nearly swallowing a dive-bombing beetle whole, some random friends surprising me, getting attacked with smelly silly string, cracking glow sticks, and watching fireworks down by the river (and booze, duh).

It was a really great day =) Thanks to all who spent it with me and/or wished me a fun time!


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