Conquering Six Flags, NJ

Whether traveling, playing competitive team or recreational sports, intense backyard picnic game battles, or other adventures, most of Mom’s side of my family tends to run basically on adrenaline. Earlier this month, Mom, her boyfriend Mike, my cousin Kevin, my sister Shannon, and I decided to get a summer’s worth of dosing in one day by trekking to Six Flags Great Adventure in Jackson, New Jersey. The three-hour road journey was filled with my snores from the “way back seat” and the sound of pounding rain on the car roof.

With doubts of the weather’s consequences in mind, we took a break at a Cinnabon alongside the highway, filling our stomachs with obvious nutrition. We decided to keep on driving, despite the nasty weather, and what a great decision that turned out to be! Because of the morning downpours, we basically had the park to ourselves!

We decided to start the roller coaster filled day with a bang by jumping onto Kingda Ka. This insane ride is recognized for being the second fastest steel coaster in the world (speed of 128 mph) and nonchalantly being the tallest in the world (418 ft) with the tallest drop in the world (see pic below). We got our money’s worth on just this first ride, which we rode twice in a row! We were all out of breath from the extreme speed and drop of this ride. Definitely one of the most exhilarating coasters around.


El Toro is the third tallest wooden coaster in the world, and is the second fastest (70 mph) wooden coaster in the world. I wasn’t expecting to like this one too much, because wooden coasters tend to be a bit jerky, but we all loved it!!


Superman was definitely a unique and thrilling coaster. For this ride, people sit as thought it’s any normal ride, until they’re tilted forward 90 degrees, facing downwards! It gave an awesome sensation of flying, and it was actually pretty comfortable!


Kevin, Shan, me before take-off!


Nitro is 230 ft tall and rated third best steel coaster in the world! This one was also one of my favorites, and with absolutely nobody in line behind us, we rode it three times in a row without having to unbuckle =)


Green Lantern is fifth in the world for tallest vertical loops, and is most notable because its restraints leave riders in an upright, standing position, instead of sitting. While it was an exiting first time experience, I wasn’t a huge fan.


(not us!)

The Dark Knight indoor coaster was honestly awful. Everybody’s neck killed after its jerky-ness, and I believe Mom lost her sunglasses off this ride. Not recommended.


Batman: The Ride was really fun, featuring five “inversions”!


Bizarro ties for sixth tallest vertical loops, with 7 “inversions!! I wasn’t a huge fan of this one, but fun nonetheless.


I love a good indoor ride, so Skull Mountain was a pretty cool indoor coaster, exciting but not jerky.


Well, we all survived the day with our stomach and brains mostly in tact. I think I honestly may have gotten a slight concussion from all the head rests banging my brain around instead of cushioning, but the rides were well worth the lost brain cells, in my opinion. Because the lines were basically non-existent, we rode many more rides than one would normally get to in a typical park day. This was all owed to the disgusting weather, but we loved it!




Trying to put my game face back on through my headache..


Shan, Mom, and I even got to meet the Green Lantern and Batman =)

Now that my adrenaline headache has subsided, are any more friends up for an adventurous day trip?!!?


Well, hello!

I have a blog? Well isn’t that the darnedest thing!? Yes, it’s true: I’ve been slacking a great deal since I’ve been home for summer. Fear not, KatieInColor is not dead. I’ve been hiding from my dead-weight six-year-old laptop, affectionately termed, The Dinosaur. I’ve actually been in the market for a new one; however, “the experts” say now is the worst time to buy. Apparently, tons of new tech will be released later this year, dropping current tech prices much lower. Looks like I’ll have to deal with the silver fox for a few more months in the quest of delayed gratification.

Anyways, check back in coming days for the details on my trip to Six Flags, slow pitch season, Mets game, and other random stories :)