Prom & Memorial Day!

Truthfully, the prom part of this post is not about me. But how kind of you to think I look young enough to go to prom! You’re not the only one– that afternoon while trying to be my helpful self and pick up the flowers from our local florist, the lady wished me a fun night on my way out…. My sister was invited as a sophomore to go with her friend, a junior. Conveniently for us, he’s also our neighbor, so we only had about a football field to walk next door for pictures. Here’s some of my favorite shots:

(A note to my self pride: Shan’s wearing heels here. We’re actually about the same height.)


And of course, HAPPY MEMORIAL DAY!! Yes, this is actually a holiday I enjoy =) A weekend of beautiful weather, backyard games, opening our pool for the season, getting peed on by the first toad of summer, along with a sort of family reunion and two parades! Yay, summer! Here’s some treats Mom and Shan helped me make for the picnic:






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