End of Semester Part 4: Work, MTELs, and Mom’s Day!

Instead of speeding off into the sunset after my last paper was due, I accepted a position working for one of my professors in the English Dept. We spent twenty-four hours sorting piles, drawers, and cabinets of assignment sheets and articles. After days of ink-stained hands, paper cuts, and five recycling bins of old paper, the mission of re-established organization was accomplished! The week was proof of how a positive employer/employee relationship can make even the most mind-numbing task of sorting paper easily bearable. Though mentally exhausting, the hours passed surprisingly quickly working alongside Becky, and I’d definitely do it again.

After an eventful Friday night visiting friends in Boston, Erin, who housed my homeless self for the week, and I returned to Springfield. After re-assembling my possessions strewn about her house, I moved on to the next mission on my ambitious list: taking the pilot MTEL. I received an email early last week seeking out anyone wishing to be a “tester” for some of the MTEL test questions, of course with some reward attached. This may sound weird, because after passing my English test in March, I never thought I’d step back into a room of MTELs again. However, the draw of a $100 gift card to Penguin books for an hour’s worth of effort definitely sparked my interest. After completing the practice questions in good time, the proctors offered me to do another. Another 35 minutes later, I was promised that $200 worth credit to the book company would be emailed to me soon. I’d call that an entire week of worthwhile work!

And then on to the lovely CT valley! A sleepy night with Dad and Shan turned into a delicious brunch before delivering our presents for Mother’s Day to Mom. It was a beautiful day for hanging out on the deck with family and catching up! :)


I was not shunned for cutting the cheese for once. Har har.


Accidentally swiped some crackers off the counter and one manged to balance precariously on the millimeter thin drawer ledge for over 15 minutes!

My newest creative hobby (aka obsession) of this spring semester has been card making! Thank-yous, birthdays, graduations, etc. I’ve made about a dozen this semester taking anywhere from forty minutes to embarrassingly long amounts of time pondering color patterns and fine tuning scrapbook paper snippets. This detail-oriented activity takes my thoughts off whatever worries can possibly be poisoning my mind and channels my focus into pretty creations for loved ones :)


To Mom :) (she appreciated the painstaking tuft of grass)


I also busted out some more creativity–stealing a cute idea from the addictive website Pinterest. On a small scrapbook paper taped to each card of a gently used deck, I wrote one thing I love about my mom. Some funny, some sentimental, I managed to choke her and a couple family members up.




My wonderful sister, Shanny, helped me by tracing her hands for these 3D cards, stretching out into the image below…



Newest addition to the fam!


My pretty kitty

Time for summer :-)


3 thoughts on “End of Semester Part 4: Work, MTELs, and Mom’s Day!

  1. What is an MTEL, and is it anything like the dreaded MAT dragon I must slay later this summer in preparation for MA studies? Right now, the dragon comprising my Senior writing project is happily reminding me that it is not wise to meddle in the affairs of English dragons, for I am crunchy, and good with ketchup :-\

    • Ha! The MTEL test series is the Massachusetts Test for Educator Licensure… After a basic Communications and Literacy exam, tests are given in the specialized fields: Math, Physics, etc. and English, of course. All encompassing questions of literature and literary theory from anywhere in the world, by any author, any text, any time period– scary, but I passed on the first try! Good luck with your dragon!

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