End of Semester Part 2: Banquet Season

As I’ve mentioned, I’ve lucked out with deadlines big time for final papers, projects, and revisions! My friends and I are loving this teeny bit of freedom from stress and physically having to be at classes, meetings, etc. as most assignments simply have to be dropped off by a deadline. While the semester is winding down, it’s additionally the season for closing banquets and ceremonies for various clubs and things…

We had the end-of-year banquet for the Academic Success Center tutors which was yummy and nicely put together and involved a competitive game of SC Jeopardy!:


Check out the one in the flashy red pants

Also the Humanities banquet: organized and delicious as always, with a slight side of the awkwardness always present at functions where awards are given and people who don’t normally get along try to act like best friends over chicken and cannolis. (no pics, sadly)

The night prior the college’s sole Reading Day before exams is “Late Night Breakfast” in our dining hall. Not needing any explanation, from 10PM-midnight, madness over home fries, omelets, bacon, and donuts ensues. The main attraction is President Flynn who flips chocolate-chip pancakes from the grill onto students’ waiting plates from at least 10 feet away. Being inexplicably practiced, not many people drop theirs, although when a wave of deafening clapping begins, you know there was some pancake splatter.


Me and Laur late-night carb over-loading

Yesterday was the celebration for the Career Center’s Apprentice Competition which I applied for and came in second place!  The pics from the ceremony aren’t uploaded, but below is a candid.

A photo from my interview with a panel of seven members

Today was also the poetry reading in the Union for my Advanced Creative Writing course with the always positive, encouraging, and humorous Chair of our Humanities Department, Dr. Lloyd. Poetry class quickly rose to the top of my most enjoyable classes taken at SC, and I’m a little sad to see it end.  Each member of our class read some of their work from the semester for about five minutes.  Everything went really well, and we were happy to have a small audience!


The class with Dr. Lloyd (middle)!

Fun times :-)


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