End of Spring Semester Part 1: Scavenger Hunt

Lots of activities going on at this time of the semester!!
Flurry of due dates of final papers and projects (of course), banquets, and the bittersweet-ness of leaving school for home and summer.

Saturday, a few friends and I spent an hour sprinting (literally) around campus for a literary-themed scavenger hunt put together by our professor/captain of the English nerds, Becky.  The killer list included items we needed to take pictures of and also things we needed to physically find and bring back.  The list flapped in the breeze, threatening to fly out of my hands as Ashley and I ran around campus as teammates.  Backpacks flying and glints of crazy competitiveness in our eyes, we got some pretty strange looks from passers-by.

Items/pictures included typical things on campus or found in our rooms such as a DVD or flashlight, but others were not so normal.  For example, a wad of dryer lint (ew), a picture of a squirrel (all seemed to be hiding during that hour), a diagram drawn by a teacher we all have, a Lego, etc.


Here, Ashley and me posing on the red, supposedly decorative, balls outside our performing arts building.

Not pictured, the bird poop I accidentally sat in and the microscopic bugs we squished.


Got our picture snapped with James Naismith.  This was the high-scoring shot that eventually led to our narrow win.


The enemies, Maura and Lauren!


Prizes included pride and bragging rights, colored bubbles, and Barbie-sized trophy :-)

It was a nice break from reading/writing and a beautiful day!  Can’t believe the last two days of classes start tomorrow!


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