There’s a Poem In my Pocket!

My poetry professor told our class last week that today is Poem in Your Pocket Day =) (to celebrate near the end of April’s Poetry Month)

My poem found on is by author Sara Teasdale, who I’ve been reading a bunch of lately.


I lift my heart as a spring lifts up
A yellow daisy to the rain;
My heart will be a lovely cup
Although’ it holds but pain.

For I shall learn from flower and leaf
That color every drop they hold,
To change the lifeless wine of grief
To living gold.


Anyways, when I’m not reading poems to you from my pocket, I’m wrapping up many, many papers and projects due before I leave for the semester– handling all due dates and the stress really well. I lucked out not having everything due on the same day. I’m excited to be home for summer in a dozen or so days, but I’m definitely sad this enjoyable semester is coming to a close. Wish me luck in these last four days of classes!


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