Scholars in Action Day at Springfield College

Because I virtually pinky-promised to update here with how today went, here’s a brief synopsis:

It was great!!!  Starting off before 9am by listening to three hours worth of Toni Morrison papers may not be the most riveting way to spend a morning, but my classmates wrote fantastic papers, all with worthy points and critical analysis.  All ten of us did a fantastic job reading with confidence and at a clear, understandable pace that it went over really well.  The professors and judges that sat in apparently were very impressed.  A graduating senior member of our English Seminar class even tied for first place in the SIA Day’s Conference Paper category!  Congrats Kathleen :-)

The afternoon consisted of dance, music, theater, and the Alden Street Review literary magazine reading that I was a part of.  All of my readings went off without glitches surprisingly, and I didn’t even trip over any microphone cords (or thin air for that matter) in my heels.  Congrats to our lovely graduating Editor in Chief, Kara, on producing a beautiful magazine!!  Your hard work and leadership definitely paid off!!  I have a couple of copies of the magazine to show my family my name in print when I get home :)

Now that this day of scholarly professionalism and presentations has come and gone, I was able to relax for the rest of it with friends, putting our papers, books, notes, and planners out of sight and out of mind.  We relished the afternoon sun on the lawn in front of my building, changing out of dresses and heels into shorts, t-shirts, and flip-flops.

Overall, I’m feeling a couple huge weights lifted after today, paired with the fantastic, yet fleeting weather.  It was good to laugh again while hanging out, knowing that our academic efforts have been recognized and rewarded.  I’m so very grateful to the friends and professors that have helped me out all semester!  To everyone that has given me pointers and encouragement on the big things and the little things too, I honestly really appreciate you for putting time and effort into me and my studies.  Sorry for the cliché, but you all know who you are <3


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