I Love The Hunger Games!



You didn’t see The Hunger Games first movie release last night?  You valued sleeping from midnight until 2:30AM instead?  Lame!


Fortunately for you and your delicate sleep schedule, I’m a huge fan of these midnight premieres.  Fortunately for me, I have enough lovely nerds in my life to make these gatherings fun =)  While I had to bribe my friend Erin into going with me to the premiere of HP 7.1, getting friends to stay awake for this movie wasn’t quite as difficult.  Two fellow English/Education friends, Kara and Elena, and our professor Becky excitedly trooped to a mall in Springfield with plenty of time to save our seats in what soon became a crowded theater.  And we brought some sugar to keep us awake.

I love going to these late-night obsessive fan mobs!  Whether watching the reactions of bored boyfriends that were dragged to Twilight, or the groggy girlfriends coerced into Transformers, I have a scary amount of fun people watching.  But not in a creepy way, promise.


All the nerds are totally in their element discussing the cast selected, trailers watched, scenes most anticipated, the list goes on.  Normally, these premieres are a little stressful for me, because I’m hoping that the directors stayed true to the book and created a believable, yet creative interpretation to the story.  And honestly, for the most part, I am not usually very disappointed.  This movie was no different, and the producers definitely had a thorough understanding and motivation to keep the movie as similar as possible to the book.  While books in a series aren’t always perfectly screen adaptable, because of criticism from die-hard book fans, it’s important to please them.

The cast of this movie was brilliant; each character’s attitudes, expressions, and costumes (I have some great Halloween ideas) were even better than I’d imagined!  The timing/spacing of the film was perfect, in my opinion, playing a balance between the before-arena story, and the violent excitement in the “game”.  All actors showed a convincing role, accented by fantastic wardrobes, and visually pleasing sets!  All in all, definitely one of the best book/film adaptations that I’ve seen.  For any readers, minor changes you can expect include: a change in how Katniss receives the Mockingjay pin, ie not from Madge; no tongue-less Avox that Katniss recognized on the train; no sight of the hovercraft lifting dead tributes from the arena; lack of connection that the attacking “muttations” in the arena were transformed dead tributes…  Some back stories were left out, the relationship between Katniss and Peeta seemed glanced over, Haymitch turned from a drunk to a positive supporter overnight, and the camera was distracting from shaking, but I loved it.  Even without reading the books, I feel this would still be an entertaining movie to go watch; I’d like to hear other people’s opinions too!

Hope everyone enjoys the movie!  If there’s anything I missed, I’d be happy to hear.  I didn’t go as in-depth as possible, but I mainly wanted to share all the e-cards I’d found =)  For a more critical review, click here


3 thoughts on “I Love The Hunger Games!

  1. Sorry Kate, I can’t help but think this is so popular because humanity hasn’t evolved much since the days of gladiators in the Colosseum…

    • An interesting theory Uncle Johnny; however, I think you’d agree that kids reading or watching a cinematic performance is preferrable to audiences literally regressing to the actual murder games from the Colosseum days.

      • Sure — I should’ve thought back to some of the movies I enjoyed at your age and not bothered posting — sorry. There’s nothing wrong with you liking this. But how do you explain why violent sports are so popular in real life? No need to reply — better for a live conversation someday.

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