It’s a Beach Life For Me!

Dad and I have been taking advantage of our proximity to the beach on Anna Maria Island every single day this week!!!  It’s been fantastic with only a three-minute walk to the ocean from our motel room!  The place we’re staying is picture perfect; they have beach chairs, umbrellas, etc. for guests to use whenever they please, because they know many people come by plane without the ability to pack those things.


We’ve also been enjoying some beautiful sunsets =)


And made our yearly début at Ed Smith Stadium, the recently built Orioles Spring Training park, supposedly one of the most environment-friendly ball parks in the country.  I don’t know how “green” they really are, but they make a great hot dog, if that counts for anything…  We watched the O’s lose badly against the Pirates on Wednesday, and have tickets to their game on St. Paddy’s day versus the Red Sox!  I have my Ireland shirt ready to go =)




While I don’t have to pretend this week, I have a few envious friends back in New England, but hope you’re all enjoying your break.. even if you’re not at the beach!!  Though I couldn’t be at the beach every day of my life like Dad says he could, it has definitely helped me relax and get my creativity on:



Churches, synagogues, other places of higher power prayer,

abandoned. Today, to the beach. Towels turn,

rotate like clockwork. Chins slanted upwards,

devoted attention. Oils applied, food scrap sacrifices

given to the sand. Even the birds

caw their chanted hymns

to the sun.


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