Everybody in America knows yesterday was Superbowl Sunday, but did you know today is Superbowl Monday? Yes, it’s a real American holiday, just like yesterday, if only you know what to look for…

Today’s the day when people are comparing parties, just like after New Year’s Eve. Everybody wants to know about the party they ditched for another: who went where, who spilled the salsa on the new white carpet, who had the bigger HD TV, who double-dipped the chip (for anyone that hasn’t seen this Seinfeld episode, click here for a quick clip :)). Today, Americans are separated into strictly three categories, as far as I can see: the gloating fans of the winning team, the sulking excuse-making losers, and those who forget which teams played, but remember the best commercial was definitely the M&M one: click here. I must place myself in the third category this year; seeing as I did not watch a single NFL game all fall in Ireland, and the two or three games I’ve seen since Christmas did not leave me with much invested in this season. However, like everyone else, I gorged on chips and dip, and even committed suicide on my stomach with some “Cheesy Bread” from Dominoes, all in the name of the game, of course!

Today, many Americans will return to the convenient use of fast-forwarding commercials in recorded TV shows, because after yesterday, nobody cares to be advertised to for another year. People will forget that yesterday they willingly or out of obligation ate themselves into a reclined comatose state in front of the “idiot box” for an entire day. Exercise routines may return to their regularity, because Superbowl Sunday fitness is essentially limited to a sock-slide on the kitchen floor to the fridge, a sit-up when reaching for a drink on the coffee table, or a squat in front of the oven window to see if the wings are done. Whether you’re going to work, class, or staying on your couch for another day, good luck avoiding the inevitable small talk about the food, game, and commercials that everybody will try to engage you in!


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