Late to bed, Early to rise?

Doesn’t that Ben Franklin saying go something like: “Late to bed, early to rise, makes a man healthy, wealthy, and wise”? No, that doesn’t sound right, does it? Ohhhh, I see! There’s supposed to be more sleep in the first part of the phrase! Sleep is always something college kids want more of, right up there on the list with money, beer, and longer weekends. Now that I’m back at Springfield plugging away on my courses: five English classes and 1 Psychology; two work-study jobs: Print Shop & the Academic Success Center as a writing tutor; and various clubs and activities: Alden Street Review, Career Center Advisory Board, etc., I’ve gotten much less sleep than I did over break. I’ve had to replace my onesie uniform of gray sweatpants paired with a same-shade gray sweatshirt with actual clothes. Friends, if you ever hear me sleep-breathing in class, or witness me about to hit my head on the desk from exhaustion, please, I beg you, just slip a pillow beneath my face.

I really wish I could wake up in the morning looking as refreshed as this woman:

Doesn't look as if she's been stressing over 3 papers and 300 pages of reading over the weekend...

Ashamed, however, I have to report most mornings I look like this:

Or like this: (My roommate, Breann, just admitted to snapping this pic the other morning)…



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