What a welcome I’ve gotten since being back at Springfield!  So happy to be back with the friends and professors who made my first four semesters so enjoyable =)

Things I’ve missed (in no logical order):

  • Friendssss! =)
  • The five-minute walk anywhere instead of the 20 minutes on UL campus
  • Having thoughts interrupted by passing people I know on the way to class– much less lonely!
  • Feeling of pride, accountability and responsibility for my work in the Humanities Dept. and all the profs. there
  • Snooping through handouts/syllabi being printed at work
  • Excessive paper cuts as a result of the Print Shop, because can you ever have too many?!
  • People holding doors for anyone behind them within in eyesight, so they awkwardly have to hurry
  • Nerve-racking walk down the prominent Union stairs praying I don’t trip or drop anything
  • The love/hate relationship the campus shares with Cheney food
  • RAs telling me to be quiet at 10PM…………
  • Walking down the hall and only hearing either ESPN, the Kardashians, or Channel 3…
  • Being away from my shedding dog back home
  • Kind note left on my library workspace warning that my stuff could have been stolen, but wasn’t
  • Being the crazy book-carrying girl for 5 ENGL courses and a PSYC, but I love it =)

    Throwback to NSO!


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