Spring Semester 2012!!


What’s your technique to reach maximum relaxation? Does it involve heavily perfumed candles, dozing to the news before Jeopardy, yoga on Wii fit, or music? Mine is a combination of reading and sleeeeeping — which is basically what I’ve been doing all break (besides watching random, brain-killing reality shows and visiting with family and friends) =) Dad, Shan and I broke out our skis and went to Butternut yesterday for a fun day! My other big success was making my high score on the hottest new iPhone game “Temple Run”. Who knew how addictive it would be to watch an animated character leap over obstacles and out-run monkeys!?


Now it’s back to the grind at Springfield College, where it looks like I’ll be taking 5 English courses this semester – yikes! I’ll also be printing & copying my little heart out, earning myself a plethora of paper cuts and some low Massachusetts minimum wage! Breann and I spent all of last night putting our spatial awareness to the test as we rearranged our room, debunking and successfully putting all the dorm-style puzzle pieces into place. Didn’t have any more complications with move in, and now that I’ve got a key, it feels very official :)! I’m probably a bit too excited to be back at school, but I’m so happy to see friends I haven’t since May, and will enjoy the education system I’m used to! Cheers to Spring Semester 2012!!!


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