This Is My Resolution

20120101-071520 PM.jpg

As a whole, the year 2011 was very kind to me. At Springfield College last spring, I pushed myself academically and creatively in my courses and immensely enjoyed a challenging semester. In recent months, I was blessed with the opportunity to live at the University of Limerick in the beautiful country of Ireland and travel to many iconic parts of Europe. I’ve been lucky to make friends from all over the country and world, meet my amazing family abroad, and experience cultures I’d only dreamed about. There were some downsides this year, such as JoJo needing health assistance, the stresses of school, missing friends and family while abroad, leaving half of my eyebrow there in trade for stitches, and still waiting to find out how Ted ends up with his wife on How I Met Your Mother. But, I’m lucky to report that the ups undoubtedly outweighed the downs!

Some of my goals for 2012 include: being more patient with my family, for without them I’d be nothing; applying to new summer jobs; watching what my cat and myself eat, because we’ve both extended our winter “insulation” into year round additions; continuing to strive to look at the big picture and not stress the small stuff; develop my “outdoors” experiences; and stick with my loves of writing and traveling, by making plans for my future!



One thought on “This Is My Resolution

  1. Now go forward …. and push yourself academically towards your future!!! Sorry can’t identify with the cat!!!! Stick to your plan and it will all come full circle!!!
    Have every confidence in you!!!! XO XO

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