Home for the Holidays!

SO great to be back in the states!!! It’s been less than a week, but I’m on my way to adjusting to life here again =) Spending time with my family has been absolutely awesome!!, I met my new baby cousin, and even though he’s not doing too well, visiting JoJo has been a favorite highlight for sure.

Shan, Mom, and I spent Christmas Eve baking cookies and shouting along to Christmas music. I finally witnessed my first Jets game of the season, and though they lost, I had yummy cookies to heal the pain.

20111225-112716 PM.jpg
That night was spent with Dad, Shan, JoJo, and Auntie Betty and was a lot of fun =)

This morning we woke up to no power!!! Mom lit a fire so we could open presents without freezing to death! More time was spent with Dad, Auntie Betty, and JoJo eating a delicious meal and playing some games before venturing off to see more of Dad’s family! Then, Shan and I were off driving again to see Mom’s side! Holidays are always full of travel time for my sister and me, but this weekend was especially worth it. I was happy to see all my family happily surrounded by great gifts, food, and company!

20111225-113455 PM.jpg

Happy Holidays!!


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