One-way Ticket!!

This incredible semester abroad in Ireland, I’ve traveled to amazing places and countries with awesome friends and met tons of different people, and each of these trips have been planned a particular way.  Using a similar formula, every trip had its own unique scheming session; but though very different from each other, all of my getaways had something in common: they always had an ending in Ireland, and more specifically, in Limerick guaranteed.  Tomorrow, I’ll break from my semester routine of buying round-trip to Limerick, and I will buy one of my first one-way bus tickets… to Shannon Airport.  For the past week, I’ve tried to envision the weight of my unwieldy, bulging suitcases digging into my hip just before letting them tumble into the storage compartment of the bus, giving my beloved campus a “look-back” like scene from a movie as a chill breeze drags me out of my reverie.  Memories float before my eyes and ghosts of chattering friends walk by while I gaze out the bus window, remembering all the nights of laughter and early mornings of traveling.

From meeting my closest friends in the first couple days of the semester, to first exhilarating experiences of traveling, eyebrow stitches on Arthur’s Day, experiencing an Irish wedding and having Nana and Papa visit, meeting the awesome family I’d only ever heard of, Thanksgiving away from family, not liking school for the first time in my life, spending a week traveling with only a backpack, and having my best friend visit, are some of my fondest big memories from this trip and each of them are worth the periodic pangs of homesickness and knowledge that I’ll be the Print Shop’s slave next semester to work  it all back.  I can’t wait to get home to see my family and friends, make more memories in America, and plan more trips =)


2 thoughts on “One-way Ticket!!

  1. An amazing adventure! We had so much following all your travels. We have a feeling you will be visiting way more parts of the world. Safe trip home and Merry Christmas~ Love, The Maunsells

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