Erin Arrives and a Bunch of Blarney!

Pictures of Barcelona, Paris, and Rome are still in the vault, waiting to be uploaded, but more importantly, Erin May has arrived safely in Ireland =)  Such a strange feeling to have a fellow Seymour/Springfield friend in Europe with me!  Since meeting her at the Limerick bus station early Saturday morning, we’ve done a good bunch of traveling, and she’s been catching me on my adopted Irish phrases, interestingly enough.  Saturday, I let her adjust to the time difference with a nap, exposed her to some Limerick food, drink, and nightlife.  Early Sunday, we got Bus Eireann to Cork where we met the Paddywagon tour group.  It was fantastic, well worth the money and information they gave us as we ventured to Cobh, Blarney, and Kinsale was so much fun!  Cobh was a cute little town with a cool church and beautiful views of the water.  It was here that the Titanic docked in April 1912.  From there, we toured Blarney Castle which was absolutely awesome!!  We conquered the narrow, winding spiral staircases and walked through rooms once inhabited a long time ago.  Once at the top, with the help of a guy posted there, we laid on our backs, tipped our heads back until we were essentially upside down, and smooched the stone (I licked my lips after, relishing the taste of rock and spittle from the 100 other people who had kissed it that day).  The guy said on a busy summer day, as many as 2,000 people per day have been known to kiss the stone to get the gift of gab!  We saw the Poison Gardens, which were also pretty neat.  At the Blarney Woolen Mills, I finally found the Irish sweater of my dreams (and on sale!), one purchase my mom especially will approve of, because we can match now =)  Our last stop was in the nice town of Kinsale filled with little shops and boats on the water.  The Paddywagon tour, in my experience, is highly recommended, and if I had more time left, I’d definitely do another!

Monday was filled with errands and later that night (technically today (Tuesday)), we boarded a bus to Dublin Airport at 1am!  We flew Ryan Air to London Luton, and are now staying with my Aunt Pat and Uncle Donal, being spoiled as they usual treat me!  Saw my first snow of the year today, but just a few flurries.  Hopefully, we’ll tour London tomorrow!  Cheers :)


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