Czech This Out: I Went to Prague ;)

(Sorry, I  couldn’t resist making the corny “Czech” joke!)

To start off being really cliché and general, last weekend going to Prague in the Czech Republic was such an amazing trip!!!  It all began in Dublin Friday night, where we stayed at the Abbey Court hostel; it was really cool: they had a room simply to chill in hammocks! We met and spent our night out with two Australian sisters that had been backpacking Europe for 3 months together and had plans to go to Canada and America then finally go home in March. Seeing two sisters having the time of their lives traveling and having fun together made me miss my Shanny even more! We splurged on drinks called the Purple People Eater and they were deliciousssss (especially because they were purple)!

Australian friends!

After spending the gorgeous, sunny morning people-watching in St. Stephen’s Green, Amanda and I flew to Prague, arriving at our hostel around 8:30PM (1hr time change). A tourist office in the airport helped by giving us maps and public transportation tickets. We took the bus and the metro, and, after a short walk, we arrived at St. Christopher’s Mosaic House which was a really nice place! After a huge, cheap (characteristic of Prague) meal, we decided to go on a pub crawl run by the hostel as a good, safe way to make some friends in the foreign country. Using some of my Irish luck (Mom and I both have a strange gift for winning raffles), I drew lucky #5 for the winning ticket for two free drinks! Then, as a huge group, they took us to 3 different underground (literally) pubs and ended at an amazing 5 story club called Karlovy Lázně that had a different theme for each floor including: the “chill out” on the top floor, where there’s a bunch of tables and chairs; oldies (my personal favorite); the basement was R&B and had games tables set up; dance music; and radio hits. The whole place is set up with things like fog machines, changing colored floor tiles, strobe lights, lasers, etc., it was an awesome place! The only downside was that it was like a casino in the sense that while you’re inside, you have no sense of passing time. We all ended up leaving REALLY late (or early?), but Amanda and I were up at 8:30 like troopers ready to tackle the city (by day this time)!

At breakfast, Amanda and I met up with our friend Alicia from UL, who was staying in the same hostel. She’d been in Prague since Friday, so she was able to tour us around and show us the Old Market Square where the famous astronomical clock tower is located. We got some amazing waffles and enjoyed the crisp, morning sun!After walking through the food market, we ventured on to King Charles Bridge which is a very old and iconic landmark of Prague. Amanda and I spent most of Sunday touring the famous castle, which we found simply breathtaking. The sheer size of it was incredible! The most impressive part of the city, castle, and buildings was definitely the old-styled architecture with the most intricate detail imaginable carved into every inch. I could put up here the thousand pictures I took over the weekend, but I’ll just give you a couple (the rest will be in my Photo Links tab at the top).

Gorgeous mosaics in St. Vitus's Cathedral

Hogwarts possibly?!

View of Prague from the castle

Most of our day was spent touring the enormous castle, because they had ton of buildings to walk through and interesting exhibits to see, and we ended with a really good Czech-styled lunch on the walk back to our hostel. I was a bit nervous about the language barrier this weekend, but, for the most part, everybody we met spoke English really well, especially the younger generations. Later that evening we took a boat cruise/tour and also stopped at the Lennon wall!


When it was dark, we made our way back to the outdoor market and got some snacks =) Let your drooling begin!

Monday, we attempted to tour the chocolate museum, but after some confusing and false information from our hostel, we ended up just walking around and getting breakfast at a local café on the outskirts of Prague. It was really neat to get out of the tourist-y part of the city. We had some difficulty communicating with the waitress, but ended up getting some great crepes! After making our way back to the airport, an incredibly dense fog moved in around 3:30 and delayed our plane. Then, to our surprise, AerLingus decided that each person could only bring on board one piece of baggage, when Amanda and I both had a purse and a backpack. After 5 minutes of commotion, we finally stretched our busting backpack zippers and broke our backs stuffing all of our stuff into our backpacks. It was hilarious putting sweaters and gloves into the sleeves of my jacket, just so we wouldn’t have to check our bags! I apologize for this being a very abbreviated post, but as the final weeks of classes are counting down, tons of papers and studying have to be done. Don’t worry, this hasn’t stopped me with continuing my world traveling plans– I’m off to Barcelona early tomorrow morning!!


3 thoughts on “Czech This Out: I Went to Prague ;)

  1. Hey Munchkin – I just “czeched” this out – sounds like another GREAT trip!

    I was commiserating with you being tired until I got to the end and read “off to Barcelona in the morning”!!

    ENJOY! XO Nana

  2. You’ve become quite the jet-setter. Love the pic of the stained-glass window with the colorful light projected on the adjacent wall. Please send full size file when you have a chance.

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