Excessive Exclamation Marks

I’ve been told more than once that I use too many exclamation marks in my writing, and that’s probably true.  However, aside from my Irish Literature lecturer critiquing that in my first paper, I’ve never gotten in trouble for it, so why change now?  And after this weekend, I’m feelin’ kind of celebratory, so beware!

Thanks to my friends and family who have been beautifully filling my Facebook wall and inboxes for me to empty on Sunday nights when I’m back from trips!!!  I love hearing from everybody, even when it’s just something small!  Six more weeks of Irish adventures, then I fly back to America!!!!  I’m soooo excited to see everybody, and tell the stories I haven’t written about here!!

Also, when I was in Kilkenny this weekend, my blog reached over 2,000 hits!!!!!  WOOO!!  It was only two months ago when I was totally excited wondering who the 150 people that had clicked here were!  Yayyy to the readers of KatieInColor :)

Check back tomorrow for this weekend’s post!(!!!!)


2 thoughts on “Excessive Exclamation Marks

  1. Hi Kate,

    There would be more hits, but I often just read the email notification without going to the website :)

    I agree with your teacher — ! should not be used in a formal letter/paper or anything work related unless it’s on the end of very few words, e.g., thanks, and it’s ok to interpret as yelling. As for your blog, !!! away !!!

  2. Hey Munchkin – I’ve been told the same thing!!!

    BUT I look at it as an expression that lets people know how strong, excited, explicit etc. our feelings are at the moment – soooo !!!!!!!! away XO

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