Nerd Herd Storms Dublin!

Themes of the weekend: museums, rain, and walking!

I’ll try keep this short and sweet: Saturday I trekked to Dublin with some members of the Literary Society I joined at the beginning of the year to see the museums I missed last time I was there!  We hit the Writers Museum first which was fantastic!!!  The audio tour information coincided perfectly with all the Irish writers I’m learning about in my Irish Literary Revival module!  Original copies of “Dracula”, “Untilled Fields”, “Playboy of the Western World”, “Ulysses” and others were all on display!  With the cell phone styled personal audio tour, we got to listen to James Joyce reading an excerpt from “Finnigan’s Wake”.  Abbey Theatre flyers, letters written by my favorite Oscar Wilde, original typewriters, manuscripts, etc. were all set up beautifully throughout the mansion/museum– it’s definitely recommended for anyone interested in Irish Lit.  We then took a train to the James Joyce tower, arriving through the wind and rain just before closing!  There we walked around the tower and room in which he slept and based the beginning of “Ulysses” on.  Later that night, we hung out at a pub called The Duke and made friends in the hostel.

Today, another girl on the trip Lisa and I were the only ones that woke up early enough for breakfast.  At the same time, there was a crowd of people around the TV watching the Rugby World Cup which was New Zealand V. France.  It was interesting to see people from all different countries, speaking all different languages and all interested in the same sport!  After a mid-morning nap, we had tons of free time.  We were able to leave our backpacks in a locker in the hostel, which was fantastically convenient.  After browsing around O’Connell Street and Grafton Street, we made our way to the National Library.  There we explored the WB Yeats exhibit on display.  I’ve loved learning about all the writers I’m reading in my Irish Lit course; seeing the history behind their lives makes their work so much more meaningful.  We also got a look around the National Photographic Institute where they had a display on Irish Children from the 1900s.  Lisa from Germany and Natalie from Poland and I spent the afternoon browsing around the streets and had delicious lunch at The Quays restaurant in the Temple Bar district.

This was my first weekend trip where I was the only American in the group (1 Polish girl, 1 German girl, and 6 Irish students).  I think I really got a great multicultural experience through many conversations about lifestyle, educations, interests, norms, experiences, traveling, etc.  from some European views without being influenced by a large group of American ears.  It was truly awesome making the friends I did this weekend!


One thought on “Nerd Herd Storms Dublin!

  1. WOW – what an opportunity to see and learn about all those great writers – PLUS – get to experience the weekend with such a diverse group! so glad you went!!! XO XO Nana

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