Chocolate Bravery!

I didn’t dare disappoint all my fellow chocolate fans at home, so I’ve tried all kinds!  Such a sacrifice I’ve made for you all; I hope you appreciate my bravery…

For the sake of a readable list, I’ve heartbreakingly narrowed it down to the scrumptious seven!

1.) Cadbury Golden Crisp

"Milk chocolate with golden honeycombed crisps"

2.) Cadbury Star Bar

"Milk chocolate shot through with peanuts and creamy caramel"

3.) Divine white chocolate with strawberries

"Smooth white chocolate made from the creamiest cocoa butter with crunchy pieces of real strawberry crisp."

4.) Cadbury Caramel Nibbles

A bite size version heaven

5.) Panda hazelnut and white chocolate spread

Perfect for my nutritious breakfasts!

6.) Cadbury Picnic

"Crispy wafer and chewy caramel covered in peanuts, raisins and Cadbury milk chocolate"

7.) Bellarom milk chocolate with hazelnuts and crisps

Celebrity pick by Amanda!

Maybe if you are all extra nice, I’ll bring some home for Christmas? :)


One thought on “Chocolate Bravery!

  1. My pick right now – if I could reach through the screen – Divine White Choc with Strawberries – of course any true choc lover knows you can’t have just one – so 2nd choice is the Bellarom – just love milk choc!!!!

    I certainly appreciate your bravery! I would certainly “offer it up” and do the same for you!

    XO Nana

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