“Life Is a Highway”

Thanks Tom Cochrane for a great song and Rascal Flatts for making it better!

But seriously, I’ve been in such a hurry, if life is a highway, I’ve been going 100mph and passing on the right.  (Which is ironic, because that’s totally acceptable here, seeing as Ireland and England drive on the left.  Har har.)  When I arrived in Ireland, my goal was to “do” as much as possible and never look back.  I definitely got started on the right foot, because I’ve been on the road four weekends in a row and lucky enough to have spent time in Galway, Dublin, Kerry, and London!  Don’t get me wrong, I’ve enjoyed almost minute of it (besides the whole eyebrow/scar thing), and I’m not looking for pity, but this weekend I needed to get off the next exit, refuel, put air in my tires, take a nap, and grab a snack.

And what a great rest-stop it was!  Instead of uncomfortable plastic chairs, there was a cushioned desk chair and a bed.  Instead of Wetzel’s Pretzels and McDonald’s, there was delicious cider, Caesar salads, and pasta dinners.  Rather than reading a map, I read chapters from The Help, a truly fantastic book by Kathryn (wow, LOVE the spelling ;)) Stockett, and poems by W.B. Yeats.  I heard country music and the PS I Love You soundtrack in place of radio ads and random chatter.  Something similar to a real rest-stop I did this weekend was trying to map out the rest of my time here (in terms of traveling).  This was my seventh weekend in Ireland, four of which I traveled– a ratio I’m perfectly happy with, so I’m trying to keep it up for my last nine here!  With a pencil, my calendar, and a map in hand, here’s to the second half of my semester!!


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