Pogo Sticks and Stitches

A few posts ago, I compared my life to a movie.  This past week however, the only way to make a meaningful comparison is saying my life is a Pogo stick.  Sometimes, I feel as if I’ve splurged on the fun, safe, bright neon version– the kind I saw smiling kids advertising in cheesy commercials when I was younger.  Other times, I feel like I bought a knockoff Pogo stick from a junkyard sale– the kind that lets its springs sink too low when I jump, then gives me whiplash on the bounce up..

Weeks are flying by here, moving almost too quickly!  Classes are going very well, interesting topics, and cool, yet tardy professors.  I’m taking four modules: Irish Literary Revival, Literary Theory, Irish Folklore, and Sociology of Media.  It’s a great mix of challenging courses that are all transferring to either Gen Ed, my EDUC/ENGL majors, or Social Justice minor!  I’m thrilled with how the classes here have worked out!  Week 3 of modules brought the start of tutorials, which are basically an hour a week with our lecturer in a normal sized class of 15-25 students like at Springfield (as opposed to the hundreds in my lectures).  This meant an added four hours of class time to my schedule (later this week, I’ll explain more about how modules work).  Realistically though, it’s nothing compared to my Springfield schedule. [bounce UP]

Averaging 17 credits at home, working between 8 and 15 hours per week with my Print Shop buddies, playing softball for three semesters, and pressuring myself to get straight As was taking its toll on me.  Chilling out here and enjoying myself and light course load is awesome, but I actually miss being really involved in school.  However, it will definitely be a wake up call as soon as January rolls around and spring semester starts at SC, where classes, homework, extracurriculars and work pick up all over again. [bounce DOWN]

Because my workload and schedule are not nearly jam-packed as at SC, I’ve been filling my time getting involved in a few various activities.  I’ve joined the Literary Society, the slow-pitch softball club, International Society, and have been going on and planning trips with friends! I’ve been meeting all sorts of new people, and just enjoying where I’m at. [bounce UP]

Thursday night I fainted, went to the hospital, and needed eleven stitches in my eyebrow.  Yes, I just managed to say that nonchalantly, but unfortunately it’s a true story…  I don’t really want to talk about it; it was quite traumatic for me, especially being so far away from my parents and people who have a large stake in my well-being, and completely out of my independent comfort zone.  Basically, to make a long story short, my left elbow and left eyebrow were destroyed by the pavement, as this towering, dehydrated little lady crashed unhindered to the stone sidewalk.  I’m so thankful for my friends Cam, Cian, Ethan, and especially Amanda, who stayed with me all night.  They really saved me from an even more awful alternative situation that would have been inevitable without them.  My friends acted amazingly fast, responsible and mature, bringing me immediately to the hospital and taking good care of my bleeding forehead.  Amanda and I ended up being at the regional hospital for nine hours, and essentially pulled an all-nighter.  I’m doing just fine now, though pretty sore.  I do only have half of my left eyebrow at the present time, the rest of my eyebrow is skin that’s a bloody mess (pun intended) held together with blue thread that will have to be removed sometime later this week.  Though the bad-ass appearance I’ve been rocking for the past few days with my scars, blood, stitches and all has been a great conversation starter,  the other downside aside from the discomfort they’ve caused, is I’ve found giving my dirty looks is insufferably painful! [big bounce DOWN]

Being the trooper that I am, I held fast to my travel plans to Dublin this weekend with friends Amanda, Jeremy, Ethan and Scott.  Tomorrow at some point, I’ll be putting up another post to detail what we did there this weekend!  While I was away with my bloody eyebrow and purple and yellow eye, my blog reached above 1,000 hits! [bounce UP!]

Did I mention I’m not fond of Pogo sticks or stitches?


One thought on “Pogo Sticks and Stitches

  1. Hey munchkin – I felt :( when I heard about this! glad to see you carried on with your weekend plans :) I counted more “UPS than “downs” – so that’s GOOD!!!

    3 more days!!! XO

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