Funny thing about Life is…

You know that thing called Life?  It’s the reason why we get up in the morning, the motivation behind making choices about careers, relationships, everything.  Funny thing about Life is: it goes on.  Sometimes moving through a rough chapter at the torturous pace of an elderly driver on a windy back road.  But sometimes, Life will traitorous-ly fast forward through those wonderful times you want to last forever.

Life is a like Movie.

But there isn’t a script, a clear plot, or edits.  No casting calls, red carpet affairs, or magazine cover photo shoots.  I don’t date celebrities (by choice, of course), hire people to Tweet for me, or go to prison for publicity.  I’ve never gotten a huge check for holding a lipstick, looking at a camera and smiling.  If I acted like someone I’m not, I’d lose friends, not get a golden trophy.  There is however, a hundred thousand scenes and sets, amazing and terrible improv actors and actresses, and tons of bloopers.  The list of credits for my Movie will be miles long.  Who will I give my “special thanks” shout out to?  What song(s) will play as all the people’s names who’ve influenced me or affected my Life in some way scroll down the screen?

I’ve been in Ireland for eleven days; it feels like a month.  I’m living in this foreign country for another fifteen weeks; it will feel like a month.  A perfect example of Time pressing that fast forward button at my favorite part of the Movie.  While I’m here, I’ll make full advantage of whatever Time I have.  Gonna eat another Irish chocolate bar (they’re fanatical about candy here!), drink another Woo Woo, walk another five miles to the SuperQuinn grocery store with my friends and then have to carry it all back, ask a question in my lecture of 500 students, stop and take a picture of the amazing flower basket I walk by every morning, join the badminton team and the literary society, meet and get to know all the people trying to do the same.  And, maybe most importantly, I’ll have a laugh doing it all.

Life is better than a Movie.


2 thoughts on “Funny thing about Life is…

  1. When looking up car rentals for Ireland – this was one of the slogans …….

    Ireland is about enjoyment where you are … not rushing to be somewhere else ….. so ease off the accelerator and enjoy the journey!

    go for it! xoxo

  2. There’s an old saying “Bloom where you’re planted” – and it seems your taking that to heart – except don’t get planted there please. Your Dad can’t wait until you’re back in the USA!!!

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