Irish Slang!

As everybody knows, Ireland predominately speaks English.  However, rural parts of the country and older generations do speak some Gaelic, although it’s a fairly small percentage of people (or so I’ve heard and claims Wikipedia).  Now, while many people in the United States speak English, understanding accents and slang words from another part of the country can be challenging: picture inviting the Jersey Shore cast over for dinner with your grandparents…  It’s the same language phenomenon here: different parts of Ireland have different pronunciations and enunciations of the same word, or have another word entirely.  It’s been interesting picking up on the Irish slang, and all the kids encourage ISs to use it.  Being the nerd that I am, I’ve made lists and lists of everything I see.  Here’s some phrases I’ve jotted down over the past two days that I’ve found myself already saying:

ramp“=speed bump; “queue“=waiting line; “get the shift“=to make out or kiss; “craic” (pronounced crack)=fun, entertainment; “take away“=take out; “drinklink“=atm; “ring“=to phone; “call up“=come over; “course“=school major; “module“=school class; “lecturer“=professor; “deadly, savage“=really good

I was planning on taking the Introductory to Irish Language (Gaelic) course offered here at UL, but the lecturer added on two extra module hours per week!  A little extreme for my ambitions, so I’ll keep on learning and using more slang instead. :)  Also took a trip downtown with friends today for lunch and a tour of  King John’s castle.  Apparently he was only there a handful of times, but the king still had a pretty cool crib!:

I'm obviously the tiny-looking one on the right haha

part of King John's castle


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