Limerick Life

Been in Ireland for three days already… what to say, what to say?!  Sorry I don’t have any pics up; we really haven’t taken many yet, and I’d rather just observe for a bit and get my bearings.  I can get pictures of the campus at any point this semester!..  (random) Culture fact #1: kids here pick their nose and eat it, too.

First off, campus is pretty, confusing, and very green.  International orientation was from 9-5 today full of long lectures on either of two things: common sense procedures, or foreign things that were still not properly explained.  We also walked around campus with a student guide, but it’s still more confusing than imaginable.  Planning on walking my classes on Sunday to make sure I know somewhat where I’m going..  Speaking of classes, or modules as they say here, I still haven’t picked them officially yet.  They let you “preview” them for a week before reaching a final schedule- weird.  Yesterday we took a bus right from campus about 15minutes into Limerick City, so cool!  It’s not a huge city or anything, but has a seemingly good number and wide variety of shops and restaurants.  A group about 10 of us went in: 8 Americans, Max from France, and Juan from Singapore.  It’s been really awesome meeting people from all over the US and world!  Fun fact: apparently in Singapore, it’s almost a $150 fine to chew gum in public!!  There’s a bunch of little phrases here that aren’t used back home, can’t remember any now, but I’ll start making a list, because they’re pretty interesting!

I’m no expert on the photosynthesis subject, but I know it involves chlorophyll and sunlight.  For rarely glimpsing a peek of the sun a few times a day, this place sure lives up to it’s “green” landscape stereotype.  I can’t wait to travel!  The International Society plans trips pretty frequently and reasonably priced; definitely hoping to get on some of those!  Another stereotype that’s completely true is the drinking, of course.  There’s three bars/pubs on campus: Scholar’s, Stables, and something else.  Most American kids had a blonde moment when we heard “Stables” thinking immediately of horses (me and my phobia nearly had a heart attack, but thankfully there’s none!).  Culture fact #2: many Irish people have a smaller personal bubble than we do in the states.  Especially when they’re excitedly talking, they’re really close and spit a lot haha.  Restaurants and shops close fairly early here, the bars will shut down at midnight and kids go downtown afterwords, or so I’ve heard.  Just everything in general here is super expensive.  I’m still working on doing the conversions in my head, I need to keep practicing back to American dollars because otherwise I’ll end up spending $7 again on a bottle of shampoo.  Oops!

Overall, I’m adjusting really well!  I’ll definitely be calling this place home by December for sure.  It’s awesome, laid back here and everyone on campus is very friendly and happy to chat with the ISs.  Culture fact#3: In the US, fashionably late is about 15mintues (in my opinion); here, when they say meet at 2pm, it means we’ll start around 2:20!  Also when we’re given meeting times on campus at home, you’d normally arrive 5mintues early; here, it’s about 5-10minutes late!  I’ve been hanging with a motley variety of kids from all over with similar senses of humor and just good people!  So far, I’m very happy to be here.  Of course, I’m missing everybody at home, and I’m sorry I’ve been slacking on the email, Skype and Facebook chat.  Once things settle in more with classes and such, I have a feeling I’ll be around more.  I’m aware that this post is very random and probably terribly written.  If you noticed, there’s no need to comment about it haha I think my jet lag (which is a completely real phenomenon) is still a valid excuse, for now..  If there’s anything you’d like to know more about let me know! :)


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