“how do you like these seats?

Honestly, the number of people on “my list” isn’t very many.  However, this weekend another tally was added.  Some of you may know her by the name of Irene, but I know her simply as a jealous force of Mother Nature trying to ruin my perfect sendoff to Ireland.  What a jerk!  As much as she’s added stress to my packing and last-minute shopping schedule, (and I still don’t know the current status of my flight) she did have one glorifying quality about her.  Since buying pre-sale tickets on February 5th, I’ve been excitedly anticipating Zac Brown Band and Kenny Chesney’s concert tour to come to “Boston” (Gillette Stadium).  Now, oddly enough, these tickets were purchased before I had even picked a country to study abroad, nevermind booked a flight.  It is in this fact we learn my true priorities and obsession for concerts, plays, and really any type of live show.  The concert was scheduled for today, the night before I leave, which was going to be fine, yet a little hectic.  Because of two-faced Irene, the concert was magically rescheduled to Friday, not a cancellation, not a postponement of a month.  What luck!

My best friend Erin and I road-tripped to Gillette Stadium Friday for our grand finale of summer and our last night together before I fly away.  There we met no obstacles: no traffic, perfect parking, amazing weather, and the most decent seats two work-study college concert junkies could afford.  Billy Currington crooned on the distant stage while the evening sun beamed and we rocked out like nobody was watching, per usual.  Between his set and Zac Brown Band’s appearance, we patiently waited (sort of) our turn to spend too much money on yet another concert tee.  By the time the sun was setting and Zac Brown appeared, we were back in our second-tier end zone seats, donning our classy concert garb.  A fantastic hour of quality country music danced by as we waited for Kenny Chesney, the handsome main act to grace us with his voice.  I think it’s that moment in the dark when the entire audience is eagerly chanting and clapping for the performer to emerge that fuels my addiction to concerts and shows.  Every person has paid their hard-earned money, waited months, cancelled other plans, and trekked with friends to share a fun night of outdoor music together.  There’s something about that feeling that has me honestly addicted.  I could have saved up for a new laptop or something, but instead I’ve chosen to spend my Print Shop earnings on exciting opportunities to make new memories with my best friends.  Some may call me delusional, but I’d do it all again :)  Anyways, before long, our wish was granted and Kenny entered in Cirque de Soleil style: a swing from the air, singing ABOVE the audience as only this man, many time winner of “Entertainer of the Year” would.  He danced and sang out into the night three fantastic songs right to me and I sang every word back.  Smiling and serenading each other to his summer time hits, Erin and I couldn’t ask for anything more: great music, beautiful weather, and each in the company of a great singer ;)  We didn’t know that something more serendipitous was planned for us minutes away.  High up in our seats, thinking nothing could get better than this, we were approached by a middle-aged, gray-haired man in a Corona shirt with VIP badge proudly from his chest during the fourth song.  “How do you like these seats?” he asked us with a smile.

This teeny question lead to our being lead down to the field seating, about thirty rows from the stage for free moments later.  We were swimming in a sea of electric neon yellow bracelets on the arms of all the other VIPs while we danced 100 feet from the stage, and 300 feet closer than we had purchased tickets for.  Needless to say it was an amazing, lucky, and musical night that I wouldn’t have traded for anything.  My favorite quote of the night, other than the band’s upbeat and loving-life lyrics was as we were leaving Erin complained her voice hurt (from singing, screaming, and woo-hoo-ing for the past five hours).  In my most serious voice, I replied I could hardly hear her because my ears were ringing and noted that the two were probably related… ;)

So while I may be sleeping on the floor of JFK Airport tomorrow night and brushing my teeth in a germ-filled water fountain all because of Irene, all in all, Mother Nature was looking out for us at the concert!


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