Free-climbing Mount Everest

My parents have been divorced for years, and I’ve been on my fair share of vacations.  Whether it’s a weekend at Dad’s or a week in Cape Cod, packing for me is second nature, a self-declared talent of mine, if you will.  However, packing up my life for four months in Ireland…. that is simply another story!  If a week in the Cape is a walk in the park, packing for this semester with merely two checked bags is like free-climbing Mount Everest barefoot: not predictably pleasant.  The first step in my painful personal packing process (sorry if anyone with a stutter tries to read that last part out loud) was to finish unpacking from school (cue disgruntled noise from both my parents).  At Springfield College, my books, binders, folders, and 10X15ft room are organized to OCD perfection (you know, in the case of some event I may need to navigate either without eyes).  However, my Connecticut room’s level of mess is on another scale entirely, as you may have gathered from the last post.  I’m not proud of this fact, and it did admittedly pose an extra hurdle.

Cleaning my closet, bureau, and basically my entire room has taken an unbelievable amount of time and patience (remember: I don’t clean much, so I didn’t know what to expect).  After about an hour, I was so tempted to buy a dumpster and just throw out whatever could fit through my windows.  I shot down that idea, but consequently had to pick through every stuffed drawer filled from the other times I had procrastinated cleaning since I was eight.  Anyone that was a kid, or had kids in the ’90s can imagine the amusement I found digging through junk like a toy archeologist: Pogs, Pokémon cards, Tamagotchis, gel pens, gimp string, Polly Pocket, Babysitter Club books, and Gameboy color games, just for starters.  Finding old favorite toys made it really hard to throw anything out.  Another hurdle: what to store in the attic V. trash.  Still, piles in my room are basically sorted by: “garbage”, “stuff to pack”, “attic”, and “to donate”.

To summarize, my room is still a mess, and I’m not halfway done packing.  Great!


2 thoughts on “Free-climbing Mount Everest

  1. Katie,

    I agree with your uncle- you definitely picked the right major. I can’t wait to follow your adventures. Safe journey to Ireland! Love, Mrs. K

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